Mr Olympia’s Workout & Diet Plan

Phil Heath (nicknamed The Gift), is the current Mr Olympia champion, having held onto this title for the last seven years.

To maintain his killer physique, Phil has created a workout and diet plan that he sticks to religiously.

Working out

Phil trains five days per week, for around a couple of hours each day. He gives each body part a complete workout twice, leaving one day per week to cardio training. To ensure his body recovers, and to promote muscle growth, Phil always makes time for a rest day twice a week.

On day one, Phil will focus on pumping his leg muscles, specifically his quads, calves and hamstrings. This consists of up to seven sets and up to 20 reps of leg curls, leg presses, calf raises, leg extensions, squats and stiff legged deadlifts.

The next day, Phil concentrates on chest and tricep exercises, with up to seven sets and 10-12 reps using dumbbells, bench presses, dips and push-downs.

Following a rest day, Phil gets to grips with back and biceps exercises, consisting of up to seven sets of up to 12 reps of pull-ups, chin-ups, curls, t-bar rows and bent over rows.

Day five tends to cover shoulder and trap movements, consisting of up to seven sets of 10-12 reps. Here, Phil focuses on the Smith Machine Military Press, shrugs, front and lateral raises, and upright rows.

A day of cardio and then a further rest day completes a typical week.

Diet plans

Off-season, Phil consumes approximately 5,000 calories per day, made up of six meals. This includes 400 g of protein, 600 g of carbs, and up to two gallons of water. He makes sure that no more than 900 calories come from fat sources. Phil is an advocate of home-cooked, clean eating and rarely touches junk food.

Although Phil weighs his foods, he isn’t obsessive about it, and he relies more on eating by instinct. His top source of protein is red meat, particularly lean steak, as this helps him to bulk up. Chicken also features in his six-meals per day diet.

Phil also favours fish and is a big fan of sushi. Salmon steak is a big part of his diet, as it is rich in Omega-3s which can help to reduce muscle breakdown – oily fish also keeps joints and muscles supple. Prior to a competition, Phil swaps oily fish for drier options such as tilapia, but he will continue to supplement with essential fatty acids.

Breakfast for Phil typically consists of six egg whites with cream of wheat, although porridge also features on his morning menu.

White and brown rice, oatmeal, broccoli, spinach and asparagus are the other food favourites that make up his off-season diet, although he rates a high quality 8oz of sirloin steak as his ultimate protein-providing favourite.

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